Oxygen Plant Business Plan

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Starting oxygen gas business is lucrative but needs significant investment. If you have the financial resources, it is one of the most profitable businesses. However, you might know that O2 is widely used in wide range of industries including steel, chemical, medical, etc. It is an essential element in continuing combustion in manufacturing industries. However, the importance of oxygen goes beyond industrial processes. As everyone knows life is impossible to sustain without the presence of oxygen.

Though oxygen is available in oxides but we require only molecular oxygen present in atmospheric air for use in both medical and industrial processes. O2 is known for its high reactivity and ability to sustain combustion. Hospitals also require constant supply of oxygen for administering to the patients unable to breathe in adequate O2. And, it is also necessary for providing life support.

Conceiving Oxygen Plant Business Plan

Outbreak of the pandemic made us realize the importance of oxygen. There were so many hue and cries for getting it. Hospitals were struggling to meet the demand for meeting the requirement of medical grade oxygen. Many entrepreneurs who had anticipated the sudden spike in demand and had timely prepared oxygen plant business plan made profits of their life-time. However, the record-breaking medical oxygen might not be on the horizon but O2 gas business is a steady business. There is continuous demand in various industrial sectors, which you can tap for growing your gas business. But, it is imperative prepare a solid business plan. The oxygen business plan must include all the important aspects necessary starting and sustaining it. Feasibility, funding, market trends, cost and location are some of the most crucial factors for starting your business on a positive note.  

Feasibility of Oxygen Gas Business

 Before starting the business, it is very important that you conduct a thorough feasible study of oxygen demand in your area. No denying it will cost you but it is necessary for getting the overall feel of the business scenario in your area. Besides, there are consultancies also that provide you with full oxygen plant business plan and feasibility. Having such reports will increase the likelihood of success of the business. The report will contain all the relevant and in-depth information needed for starting. The feasibility will provide details of reputed oxygen plant manufacturer in India. And, it would also educate you on important components and parts.

Funding for Purchasing Oxygen Plant

As you know running a gas business is capital-intensive sp it is important for you to arrange sufficient funds for making the purchase. There are numerous banks and financial institutions ready to provide funds for your undertaking. Professional feasibility report full guidance on how to get the funding and submitting flawless proposal. However, it will be difficult for you to arrange funds from financial institutions if you submit a well-designed oxygen plant business plan.  And, you will be able to do it easily if you are not able to make a well-thought-out case for your business proposal. 


Technical Specification/Oxygen Plant Model

  Model Capacity in M3/Hour Cylinders Filling Per Day Purity of Oxygen Produced Pressure of Oxygen in Cylinders
OXYGEN NITROGEN PLANTS UBP-25 25 100 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-50 50 200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-80 80 300 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-100 100 400 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-150 150 600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-200 200 800 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-300 300 1200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-400 400 1600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-500 500 2000 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-1000 1000 4000 99.7% 150-200 BAR