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Nitrogen is an essential element for growth and preservation of all living beings including plants. However, we need it not only for growth and maintenance of life but also for running   a wide range of industrial and scientific processes. However, N2 we find in the atmosphere is not sufficient for industrial and other specialized scientific applications.  Although atmosphere comprises 78% of earth’s atmosphere but it is not adequate purity for industrial and other important applications. We require nitrogen with purity up 99.99% for meeting the needs of industries and bio-technological uses. We are one of the leading nitrogen plant manufacturers making & offering N2 gas plants in wide range of capacities starting from 50m3/hr to 1000m3/hr.


Importantly, we use cryogenic distillation process for making our industrial machinery for producing N2 with purity up 99.99%. Undoubtedly, this level of purity is not possible with any other technique available in the market.  However, there are numerous other techniques including pressure swing adsorption (PSA), membrane separation and so on. But, none matches the efficacy, reliability and durability possible cryogenic air separation.  Plainly, this is the reason all industries including steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverages, etc., prefer installing onsite cryogenic nitrogen plants. Needless to say, it is the best process for generating continuous supply of N2 for meeting the requirements of industries.


Further, nitrogen is valuable for its inert properties which industries use for providing non-reactive atmosphere especially in the preservation of foods.  One finds extensive use of the inert gas in chemical industry for making various products including nitric acid, nylon, fertilizers, dyes and explosives. Moreover, in the liquid form it is used as a refrigerant. For timely and efficient supply, the industries use cryogenic nitrogen plants for meeting their needs of the gas.  No doubt, we use the best available technology in the industry for seamless production.


  • Liquid Nitrogen Plant

    Capacity : UBTLN-50 Litre/hr To 10,000 Litre/hr

    Liquid Nitrogen Plant Manufacturer Liquid nitrogen plants are made with the latest technology and ASME standard materials to generate LN2 in capacities ranging from 50litres/hr ...

  • Air Separation Plant

    Capacity : UBT-50 to 10000 Nm3/hour

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