Air Separation Plant

Product Capacity : UBT-50 to 10000 Nm3/hour


Air Separation Plant Manufacturer

We manufacture and supply air separation plants made with the latest cryogenic distillation technology for generating O2 & N2 with respective purities of 99.7% and 99.9%.


  • Model/Capacity : 50 to 10000 Nm3/hour
  • Purity : OXYGEN - 99.7% & NITROGEN - 99.99%
  • Technology : Cryogenic Distillation
  • Applications : Health Care (Hospitals), Oil & Gas Refinery, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Glass & Metal

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What is An Air Separation Plant (ASP)?  

ASP is a kind of industrial machinery that uses cryogenic distillation for separation of different components of atmospheric air, mainly, oxygen, nitrogen and argon.  Many industries including steel, medical and chemical require oxygen on a large scale for sustaining their operations. For example, numerous industrial processes require oxygen for sustaining combustion processes and nitrogen for creating inert atmosphere and starting chemical reactions.

Why You Must Choose Our ASPs?

Universal Boshi is a leading manufacturer of gas plants. Our air separation products are made with the latest cryogenic technology. Moreover, manufacturing is completed using only the ASME certified materials and components procured from the reputed European OEMS. Our entire focus is on delivering oxygen and nitrogen production products that meet the requirements of industries and are easy to operate. We are one of the few manufacturers that make air separation column at our world-class testing and manufacturing unit in New Delhi (India).  The column is made with the highest quality cryogenic grade stainless steel with argon welding. Undoubtedly, readying the column needs particular attention to the quality and designing standards as it contributes over 60% to the performance of the plant. 

How Does an ASPs Work?

Working of an ASP begins with compressing air to a high pressure. Subsequently, the air is cooled to cryogenic temperatures, which then makes different components of air including nitrogen, oxygen and argon to condense into liquids. The liquids are then separated from each other through distillation. Afterwards, they are stored in liquid storage tanks. The process is known as cryogenic distillation. 

Application of Oxygen Nitrogen Making Plants

ASPs are used in wide range industries requiring constant supply of gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Following are the most important applications:
Steel industry 
Chemical industry 
Food industry 
Electronics industry 
Medical industry 

Cost of ASU Plant

Cost of  O2 & N2 plants depends on numerous factors including capacity and technology used in the making of the plant.  The coast can vary from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. However, We offer the plant machinery at the very best cost in the industry.  

Benefits of Using Cryogenic ASPs 

We are leaders in making cryogenic plant machinery using state of the art cryogenic technology with a life-span of over 25 years.  Some of the benefits of using our air separation plants are:
Capacity to generate high purity gases 
High energy efficiency 
Long durability 
Low pressure technology 
Demand for ASPs is going to grow at a rapid pace in future. It is because of the expected increase in the demand for high purity gases in wide variety of industries. There is an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs to get into oxygen or nitrogen gas business. 
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