Liquid Tanks

Product Capacity : 50 Liter/hour To 10,000 Liter/hour


Since 1930 Our company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of cryogenic equipment specializing in advanced high quality vacuum insulated cryogenic liquid storage and transport tanks with both horizontal and vertical storage options and built-in vaporizer system and following salient features.

Technical Specifications:

  • Tank Type: Cylindrical Type, Vertical & Above Ground
  • Tank Capacity: 20 M 3 (20,000 Liter Gross Volume)
  • Liquid Type: Liquid Oxygen | Liquid Nitrogen | Liquid Argon
  • Insulation Type: Super Vacuum Double Perlite Insulated System
  • Service: Liquid Cryogenic Tank
  • Tank Type: CE Marked According to PED 2014/68/EU
  • Certification: Cylindrical Type, Vertical & Above Ground

Salient Features

  • Easy to operate and maintain with ergonomic designing
  • Vessel & piping made with AUSTENITIC Stainless Steel
  • Tank vessels made with modular configuration & footprint
  • Safe and simple designing with sturdy designing
  • Durable with high quality surface finishing
  • Constructed with wind & seismic requirements


Liquid Storage Tanks

Industries and hospitals use liquid oxygen tanks for storing oxygen for later use or for transportation. Mostly, the liquid storage tank installation include a vaporizer and a pressure control manifold. Besides, they come in different sizes and capacities depending upon the requirements of customers. Most important, they are either spherical or cylindrical in shape. And, they are placed in fixed locations as stationary vessels.  For smooth transportation the tanks are mounted on railcars or truck chassis. We offer the tanks in sizes staring from 200 liters to 1, 50,000 liters with option of low and high pressure. Moreover, they are able to store liquid oxygen with temperatures up to (-196°C).

Making of Storage Tanks

Obviously, liquid storage tank is manufactured with a double walled cylindrical features. And, we use insulating material between the inner and outer walls to protect the enclosed space from the surrounding heat.Afterwards, a high level of vacuum is created so that there is minimum evaporation.And, we use a cold convector for pressure building which is equipped with an automatic pressure build-up regulator. What is more, our liquid oxygen tanks use cold convectors for supplying pressure pipe line networks after gasification in atmospheric heat exchangers, storage tank networks or tanks of smaller capacity for low liquid temperature directly.

World-class designing & quality standards

Without a doubt, our aim is to build and supply liquid oxygen storage tanks with world-class designing. Moreover, quality designing ensures solid and easy to operate products. However, Top end liquid filling reduces pressure in the tank. On the other hand, bottom filling raises the pressure.Undoubtedly, we employ a pressurizing system for increasing pressure upon uploading of liquid oxygen on to the tanks or vaporizers. With the use of a pressurizing system for top and bottom filling valve, there is very little change of pressure at the time of liquid delivery.  There is constant supply of liquid to the vaporizer.

 Lastly, our tanks are powder-and-vacuum-insulated in the annular space.  And, they are equipped with numerous circuits to control product fill, pressure buildup, pressure-relief, product withdrawal, and tank vacuum. Importantly, we use internationally approved specifications for the pressures and temperatures involved.