Universal Boschi is the leading manufacturer and supplier of oxygen plants in India. The company uses cryogenic distillation process for generating oxygen with purity up to 99.7%. Quality standards are benchmarked against the European standards enjoying worldwide trust amongst the customers. As a No. 1 brand in the oxygen industry, we use the best quality materials meeting ASME standards and components are procured from the reputed European OEMs. The leading company makes air separation column with 100% cryogenic grade stainless steel with argon welding for reliable and durable performance. Our O2 plants have got life-span of over 25 years.
Investment is the most important factor while purchasing an oxygen plant for your manufacturing business. Universal Boschi offers the best cost of oxygen plant setup in the industry. However, the cost depends on many factors including capacity, technology and quality. Even though our plant machinery is manufactured with superior cryogenic technology and solid designing yet our costing remains the most competitive in the industry. However, you should keep in mind that costing includes shipping, dispatching, installation and startup at the client site. Our engineer visits the client site to implement the setup.
For starting an oxygen manufacturing plant, you must study the demand and supply of oxygen in your area if you are looking to start retailing. For captive use, you have to determine your requirements necessary for sustain your manufacturing operations. However, it is imperative for starting an O2 plant to get various permissions and licenses including incorporation certificate, pollution NOC from State Pollution Control Board, factory license, fire safety clearance and consent from Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO). Demand for oxygen for medical and industrial purposes has been growing every year. During the COVID-19 there was exponential increase in demand. Industrial applications, particularly in steel sector, use oxygen for improving furnace performance.
Universal Boschi is the No.1 brand for manufacturing and supplying oxygen plants in India and abroad. In fact, we have sold our O2 producing machinery in over 60 countries. Every year we sell scores of air separation plants for generating high purity oxygen for meeting the needs of medical and industrial applications. The company offers the plant machinery in various capacities suitable for small, medium and large scale enterprises. Our clients come from diverse industries including steel, chemical, medical, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, etc. Most of oxygen producers in India have procured their O2 equipment from use. Our O2 machines generate oxygen with purity up to 99.7%.
Liquid oxygen plant uses cryogenic air separation technology considered the most efficient and reliable. The process takes atmospheric air which is then filtered for removal of dust and compressed in the air compressor. In this technique, the constituent gases of air will be separated after the processed air is cooled to cryogenic temperature through a series of heat exchangers. However, the cryogenic process cools the atmospheric air to a temperature of -181 degree Celsius. And, oxygen liquefies at this temperature. Afterwards, liquid oxygen is extracted and distilled in the low pressure column to achieve the desired purity. Subsequently, it is directed into a cryogenic storage tank for storing or transportation.
Liquid nitrogen (LN2) plant takes atmospheric air through an inlet of the air separation unit (ASU). Then, the air is filtered and compressed in the air compressor. Here, the compressed air enters purification unit for removing impurities such as hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and moisture. The purified air is cooled to cryogenic temperature. At this point, the air is separated into constituent gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and argon. The liquefied air is separated into different gases according to their boiling points. The product gas, nitrogen in this case, is distilled in the low pressure distillation column to achieve the desired purity specifications.
Acetylene is a highly flammable fuel gas which is used in various industries including cutting, grazing, heating, welding, etc. The fuel gas is produced by chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. The reaction generates acetylene with by-products such as calcium hydroxide and heat. Water is used to moderate the heat produced during the reaction to prevent hazards such as explosions. We manufacture acetylene plants using the ASME certified materials that can withstand extreme pressure and temperature. The plant equipment is ISO 9001:2015 and CE certified.
Hospitals need constant supply of medical grade oxygen for treating their patients. So they prefer installing onsite O2 plant for meeting their needs. However, the cost of setting up an oxygen plant depends upon numerous factors including capacity, designing, technology, etc. But, our customers can stay assured that our costing will be the most competitive in the market. Our engineers and technicians have years of experience and expertise in setting up and starting the plant.
Prospects of starting oxygen plant business are very bright. However, you must understand it is a capital-intensive business but returns are impressive. Starting is easy as you just have to find a reputed manufacturer like Universal Boschi. It is imperative that you design a well-thought out business plan covering arrangement of funds, licenses, permissions and feasibility report for understanding the technology , market trends and details of the business. Moreover, oxygen demand will only increase as its use in medicine and industries is going year after year.
It is quite simple to start a small oxygen plant. Firstly, you must find a reputed oxygen plant manufacturer like Universal Boschi acclaimed for making & supplying O2 gas plants. Then, you must the size of your small business and accordingly purchase an O2 plant for meeting your oxygen requirements. However, we would suggest that you should opt for an oxygen plant with capacity of 50m3/hr, which is considered the optimum capacity for small businesses. We recommend that you must get a feasibility report for an approximate number of customers you want to supply oxygen to.