Oxygen Plant

We are an acclaimed engineering company that manufactures oxygen plant, nitrogen gas plant and acetylene gas plant with the latest cryogenic distillation technology. Our manufacturing and fabricating of oxygen generation plant is done in compliance with the best manufacturing practices. We use the best quality materials in the fabricating of the machinery. It is always our endeavor to offer oxygen plant machinery that satisfies the requirements of our customers. Since our establishment in 1985, we have been manufacturing oxygen production plants, nitrogen gas plants and acetylene plants in technical collaboration with ING. L. & A. Boschi, Italy, a world-wide trusted company for manufacturing industrial gas plant equipments. Our oxygen plants generate oxygen with purity up to 99.7%. For strict compliance with quality control measures, we have been awarded with ISO 9008:2015 and CE certifications. Our experienced engineers take care of everything from design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of oxygen gas plants, nitrogen plants and liquid oxygen plants.

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plants

oxygen plant

Capacity/Model - UBP - 25 to 50 m3/hr.

Production - 100 to 200 Cylinder/Day

Our oxygen gas plant is fabricated with latest technology and is able to generate oxygen with purity up to 99.9%, which excellent for medical and industrial applications.

oxygen plant

Capacity/Model - UBP - 100 to 170 m3/hr.

Production - 400 to 700 Cylinder/Day

Medical oxygen plant is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9008:2015 and CE standards and can produce medical grade oxygen which meets the regulations of Indian, British and American Pharmacopeia.

oxygen plant

Capacity/Model - UBP - 200 to 600 m3/hr.

Production - 800 to 2400 Cylinder/Day

Oxygen and nitrogen generated in our oxygen nitrogen plant has purity up to 99.7% and 99.99% respectively and manufacturing of the plant machinery is of international standard.

Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen Plants

oxygen plant

Capacity/Model - UBTL - 50 m3/hr.

Production - LOX - 59 & LIN - 73 Ltr/hr.

We manufacture cryogenic liquid oxygen plant with the best material and advanced technology and has capacity to generate oxygen with high purity. Materials used have high ignition point and can withstand extreme pressure.

oxygen plant

Capacity/Model - UBTL - 100 m3/hr.

Production - LOX - 120 & LIN - 144 Ltr/hr.

Our cryogenic liquid nitrogen plant is designed and manufactured as per the requirements of our customers and it is based on the process cycle of Linde & Claude meeting the needs of various industries.

oxygen plant

Capacity/Model - UBTL - 500 m3/hr.

Production - LOX - 590 & LIN - 700 Ltr/hr.

We are the trusted engineering company engaged in manufacturing and supplying cryogenic air separation plant at very attractive prices not to talk of world-class quality of our plant machinery.

Oxygen & Acetylene Generator & Machinery

oxygen plant

Acetylene Plant


We manufacture and acetylene plants that are safe to use with proper protection against explosions and are manufactured with the best technology available in the industry.

oxygen plant

PSA Oxygen Generator


Our PSA oxygen generator is state of the art equipment that is capable of generating oxygen with purity up to 95%, which excellent for medical as well as industrial applications.

oxygen plant

Cryogenic Vessels Tanks


We build cryogenic vessels tanks with the best quality raw materials. Our tanks are durable and are used for storing liquid oxygen and nitrogen.

WATCH VIDEO - Commissioning & Installation of Oxygen Plant

UNIVERSAL is a world class company in the engineering sector for manufacturing and supplying Oxygen Plant, Nitrogen Plant, Liquid Oxygen Plant, Liquid Nitrogen Plant and Acetylene Plant with the technical Designs and drawings technology and assistance of ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of Italy, a company since 1930. Since 1985, we have been manufacturing oxygen plant in India using high quality materials.

  • Latest cryogenic technology
  • High purity output
  • Low power consumption
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Fully automated functioning
  • Stainless steel column
  • Inhouse testing facility
  • CE & ISO 9001:2008 certified