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Acetylene with a chemical formula C2H2 is used in various industries. It is used in wide range of applications including cutting, heating, brazing, welding, etc. Further, it is a ignition temperature of 325 degree Celsius. Moreover, it is also known as a fuel gas which is colorless, odorless and non-toxic. However, the fuel gas used in commercial applications gives off garlic-like odor because of the impurities present in the gas. On the other hand, flammability of the gas ranges from 2.5% to 81% of the volume. Another unique property its being lighter than air. And, it is so because the specific gravity of the fuel gas is 0.9 which is less than 1, the specific gravity of air. 

Our company ranks amongst the top acetylene plant manufacturers. Obviously, we use the best quality ASME certified materials in the making. All the components used in the manufacturing are procured only from the leading European OEMs for reliable and durable performance. Our acetylene gas plants are CE certified and meet the quality standards of most of the major quality assurance companies. And, the gas is transported in maroon-colored cylinders with fuel gas dissolved in acetone. However, you must always remember that it is a hazardous gas needing strict compliance with safety measures otherwise it can result in accidents or explosions. 

Further, there are many techniques for generating the fuel gas but the most important is known as chemical process. No doubt, it is the technique used extensively for manufacturing acetylene plants.  The chemical process used in our plants involves use of calcium carbide along with water, which is represented in the chemical formula as CaC2 + 2H2O → C2H2 + Ca (OH) 2. The reaction gives of acetylene, calcium peroxide and heat.   However, water is used to moderate heat so that there are no explosions or hazards. And, we offer the industrial machinery for generating acetylene in various capacities as per the requirements of customers. Moreover, the machinery can customizable to the needs of customers. 


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    Capacity : UA-15 m3/hour to 200 m3/hour

    Acetylene Plant Generator We are no. 1 brand in manufacturing and supplying acetylene gas plant made with ASME standard materials and world-class components to deliver seamless perfo...