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Manufacturing of air separation plants requires sophisticated equipment including components procured from reputed European OEMs. We use the most advanced equipment in our designing and manufacturing to ensure smooth functioning with high efficiency.  No denying making cryogenic based air separation machinery needs deployment of complex system. Undoubtedly, we use high quality materials duly ASME certified for sturdy performance. For example, our manufacturing is finished with high grade stainless steel along with argon welding. Besides, our designing of equipment is in complete compliance with international quality standards. Our machinery has been certified by all the leading quality assurance companies.


While manufacturing cryogenic O2 & N2 plants, the most important components and equipment includes cold box. It is a critical component as it is responsible for cryogenic cooling which separates air into different constituents. However, the cold box is made up of numerous components including compressors, filters, turbines, heat exchangers, expanders, purification system, air separation column, etc. All of the critical equipment and components are of the highest quality. For example, we use only the Atlas Copco air compressors considered the best in the world. Similarly, all other components are also of international quality. Above all, we pay special attention to the making of air separation column as it is the important part of the cryogenic air separation machinery.


Whether it is designing, manufacturing or maintaining quality standards, we comply with the internationally approved standards. Having been in the business of manufacturing since 1985, we have established our brand for delivering quality products. Clients from all over the globe trust the quality and performance of our products. Our products have life span of over 25 years while requiring minimum maintenance and low operational cost.

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