Oxygen plant project report is very useful for purchasing and setting up your gas business. It is imperative that you should be cautious while purchasing oxygen systems. The detailed oxygen plant cost set up project report would provide you with necessary information such as industry trends, market orientation, feasibility study, market research, survey, manufacturing process, machinery, raw materials, general business environment, investment potential, etc.

There is no denying the fact that we are the preferred choice of customers from all over the globe. If you are looking to buy oxygen cylinder filling plant at the most competitive prices, it is imperative that you shortlist oxygen plant manufacturers based on factors such as technology, design, quality and after sale, setup cost, project cost, and customer and after sale services. Coming back to the project report, there are numerous market agencies or consultancies offering oxygen plan project report. After reading the detailed report you would be able to form a overall idea about the oxygen plant installation cost.

The comprehensive oxygen plant project report would include detailed specifications regarding designing, technology, warranty, quality and cost. Quality of designing and raw materials coupled with technology determine the durability and reliability of oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and acetylene plants. Quality of the plant machinery decides how much oxygen it can generate. High well-designed machinery incurs minimum operating and maintenance cost.

After going through the detailed oxygen plant project report, you will get handy information like plant technical specification and quotation, payment process, delivery time, installation charges, shipping cost, scope of plant, global presence, service terms and conditions. The report would suggest you pay upfront of 40 or 30% of the cost of oxygen plant. Service charges like the visit of engineers or technicians are also provided in the project report.

Technical Specification


MODEL CAPACITY IN M3/HOUR NUMBER OF CYLINDERS PER DAY Purity of oxygen produced Pressure of oxygen in cylinders
OXYGEN NITROGEN PLANTS UBP-25 25 100 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-50 50 200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-80 80 300 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-100 100 400 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-150 150 600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-200 200 800 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-300 300 1200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-400 400 1600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-500 500 2000 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-1000 1000 4000 99.7% 150-200 BAR