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Our Company was established in 1983 by Mr. Sanjiv Agarwal who is a graduate Chemical Engineer & specilised in the design & manufacture of oxygen & nitrogen plants. We commenced manufacturer of oxygen & nitrogen plants at our factory at New Delhi.
The designs were based on the process cycle of Linde & Claude which had been perfected by Dr. Boschi of Italy with their company ING. L&A. Boschi of ITALY in 1930. Our very close association & interaction with the ITALIAN company whose plants had been process all over the world in European countries like Italy, Germany France, UK, Australia, and others.These plants based on the Boschi technology were exported to Turkey, Greece, Iran, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Quatar, Mauritius, Zambia, Nygeria, Dubai, Syria, South Africa, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Peru, Qatar, Indonesia, Kuwait, Iraq many others.

The design of the Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant is based on the Liquification of Air based on low & medium pressure cycle based on Expansion Engine. The air separation column has state of Art distillation trays, multipass exchangers & condensor to get a high yield of Oxygen by separation of Liquid Air which results in very low power consumption. BOSCHI columns have been known for its efficiency & long life.
Our vast experience in the field of manufacture of Oxygen plants and Nitrogen plants has finally resulted into trouble free operation and virtually maintenance free working of our plants. Our plants are also equipped with vacuum insulated Liquid Oxygen Pump.We have supplied over 70 Oxygen Plants and equipment all over India, which are working successfully and also exported to Italy. These plants are being used either for filling Oxygen in Cylinders and selling in the market for captive consumption.

Oxygen Gas is essential and feeder to host the industries including steel, fabrication, glass, petro chemical, construction etc and hospitals and the market demand is huge and growing day by day.
Here we are offering you an opportunity to set up Oxygen-Nitrogen Plants with latest technology of BOSCHI-ITALY with an own investment from 3-40 lacs depending upon the capacity of the plant. It requires a shed area of 1000 to 2500 sq ft only and has a very simple operation. It also has a huge market demand and a very high profitability. Over 70 plants are operating successfully in India.

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