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We manufacture oxygen plants and nitrogen plants as per the latest technology & design of the Company ING. L. & A., BOSCHI, ITALY. The AIR SEPARATION COLUMN of BOSCHI has state of the art distillation trays, multipass exchangers condenser to get a high yield of Oxygen by separation of Liquid Air, which results in very low pressure & low power consumption.
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We are the manufacturers and exporters of Acetylene Plants and its equipment for the use of various industrial and other purposes. These Acetylene plants and equipment are manufactured in India by using the latest technology and designs of ING. L. & A., Boschi, Italy and made as per international standards.
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Universal Boschi cryogenic liquid nitrogen systems/oxygen plants are available in size from 50 m³/hr (70 liter/hour) to 500 cum/hr (700 liters/hour) capacity. It is safe and efficient to operate and the oxygen confirms to North American and European Pharmacopia and standards. The output of LIQUID OXYGEN can be stored in a liquid oxygen tank.
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Our Company is engaged as manufacturer and exporters of oxygen plant, nitrogen plant and acetylene plants in New Delhi, India. We are producing the oxygen plant, nitrogen plant and acetylene plants of latest technology of Ing L&A Boschi, Italy who have been the world leader in setting up oxygen/nitrogen/acetylene plants, machine, factory and related machinery since 1930 in Italy. Our oxygen plants factory have been exported to all countries including South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Liberia, Brazil, Columbia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Europe, Italy, Spain, Australia.

Oxygen/Nitrogen & Acetylene Plants Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant: Oxygen plants are available in capacities from 20 to 500m3/Hr suitable for producing industrial and medical oxygen upto 99.9% purity. Nitrogen is available as a second product from the oxygen plant in approximately four times the quantity of oxygen produced. Standard purity of nitrogen is 96% to 99.5% but are available upto 99.999% also. Oxygen gas filling in Cylinders: The oxygen plant has a built in gas vaporizer and an integral liquid oxygen filling pump to fill oxygen gas from liquid oxygen in the air seperation unit directly into cylinders upto pressure of 155 Bar (200 Bar optional) Nitrogen gas filling in Cylinders: Nitrogen gas can be filled in cylinders directly up to 155 Bar (200 bar optional) simultaneously with the oxygen production by an additional LIQUID NITROGEN PUMP provided with a Nitrogen exchanger in the air seperation unit. The nitrogen gas can also be filled from the outlet of the cold box by installing a nitrogen compressor up to 155 Bar. Liquid Nitrogen Output: All our Oxygen and Nitrogen plants can give Liquid Nitrogen output. Our products also known as: Oxygen Plant, Oxygen plants, Oxygen gas Filling Plant, Oxygen Machine, Oxygen Factory, Oxygen Separator, Cryogenic Plant and Air Separation Plant manufacturer from India, Nitrogen plant. Nitrogen Machine. Air Products Plant. Gas Producing Plant. Acetylene Plant. Acetylene Gas Filling Plant. Acetylene Gas Factory.

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