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We manufacture Oxygen/Nitrogen plants as per the latest technology and designs with proven performance since 1985. The technology has been proven all over the world for its working efficiency and trouble free operation. The AIR SEPARATION COLUMN & COLD BOX has state of the art distillation trays, multipass exchangers & condenser to get a high yield Oxygen by separation of Liquid Air which results in very low power consumption. UNIVERSAL PLANTS have been known for its efficiency and longlife. UNIVERSAL plants are working trouble free for many years in various parts of the Globe.
  • SKID MOUNTED DESIGNS: The Oxygen/Nitrogen plants are skid mounted designs and all the equipments and machineries are mounted on a single skid ready for installation.

  • AIR SEPARATION UNIT (COLUMN): Manufactured out of cryogenic grade STAINLESS STEEL materials with argon welding which is leak proof. Latest design as per American/European manufacturers.

  • LIQUID OXYGEN PUMP: Oil free design with special stainless steel head.

  • MOLECULAR SIEVE BATTERY: Special oversize design with L/D ratio to prevent fluidization and long life with molecular sieves of Zeochem, Switzerland.

  • PURITY: High purity of Oxygen and Nitrogen is maintained continuously due to special trays of Boschi Italy. The trays are made of high precession and argon welded and press fitted for entrainment. GUARANTEED PURITY OF OXYGEN.

  • PROCESS SKID: All equipments are mounted on processed skid complete with gas/air/water lines for high purification of air.
    GAS/AIR LINES: All the gas and air lines are pre-fabricated on the processed skid ready to use.

  • TECHNOLOGY: Our Technology of BOSCHI, ITALY is of the world leaders Ing L&A Boschi, Italy, Genova since 1930 whose technology is well proven all over the world.

  • EFFICIENCY AND PROVEN PERFORMANCE: The efficiency of the plant is very high as each and every component is perfectly engineered with technology back up and R&D over the last 70 years by ING L&A BOSCHI, Italy.

  • MAINTENANCE: There is very less maintenance and virtually maintenance free plants due to high quality components and parts used confirming international specifications.

  • EASY ACCESSASIBILITY: Provided between all equipments specially in the air separation unit for easy accessibility and can easily dismantle and assemble at site. This is also provided by Boschi and Linde, Germany.

  • PRESSURE VESSELS: Coded pressure vessel design as per ASME.

  • ELECTRICALS: All electricals, motors, switches and starters are from ABB/SIEMENS/GEC which is world standard.

  • FREON UNIT: We use Hitachi, Japan original sealed compressor with Danfoss controls.

  • AIR COMPRESSOR: This is the most important part of the oxygen plants which is also called the heart of the plant because it is the machinery consuming most of the electric power.
    The world leaders in the air compressor are Kirloskar Pneumatic Company (Crepelle, French), Ingersoll-Rand, USA, Atlas Copco (Consolidated Pneumatic Company, USA) and the compressor must belong to one of these to function 24 hours.

  • OXYGEN FILLING SYSTEM: The filling is done by the latest system of internal gas compression by a built in liquid oxygen pump and internal vaporizer thereby eliminating the use of old type of gas balloons and bulky oxygen compressor consuming high power.
    The liquid oxygen pump has got dry teflon rings without any external lubrication and therefore the oxygen gas can be compressed into cylinders with high purity and bone dry.

  • START UP TIME OF THE PLANT: The latest process of ING L&A BOSCHI, ITALY with liquid oxygen pump technology and high efficient hydraulic expander and exchangers allows the start up time ranging between 5 to 8 hours after defrost, depending on capacity of the plant.

  • OPERATORS: The oxygen plant with liquid oxygen pump and Boschi technology with skid mounted version requires only one operator to run the plant because all the controls are centralized and are trouble free and simple to operate.

  • PURITY OF OXYGEN AND ANALYSIS: The purity of the oxygen produced in the plant is the most important factor in selling oxygen gas in the market may be in any country. Our BOSCHI process with liquid pump technology and BOSCHI Air separation column design gives continuous supply of high purity oxygen 99.6% and above without fluctuation due to steady state operation.

  • MEDICAL/HOSPITAL OXYGEN: To produce medical/hospital oxygen, it is most important that the oxygen gas must be free of any hydrocarbons/water/impurities.
    This is possible only with processed technology used as per American/European Pharmacopia.
  • COST OF THE PLANT AND MACHINERY: This is also an important factor for the customer to see. Therefore, we are offering ING L&A BOSCHI, ITALY branded plants brought from India and Spain. Our customer who wish to buy at lower cost a very good plant confirming European specifications can take the advantage of our manufacturing facilities at New Delhi. Therefore, we are highly cost effective and offering at very low cost. Our selling prices are almost one-fifth of the plants sold in America/Europe and prices highly competitive. Therefore, the customer should not think twice before buying as we are branded product with low cost.
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