We are reputed as the leading oxygen plant manufacturer fabricating and supplying oxygen plants in South America including Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Honduras, Columbia, El Salvador, etc. South America is known for its colorful lifestyle, beaches, deserts, jungles and mountains. As the economy of the leading South American countries is generally

Small Oxygen Nitrogen Plants

We are trusted as one of the trusted manufacturers, fabricators and exporters of small capacity oxygen nitrogen gas plants. Manufacturing of our plant machinery is carried out in technical collaboration with ING. L. & A. Boschi, Italy, which is known all over the globe for its cutting-edge technology based on the process cycle of Linde

medical oxygen plant

We are trusted across the globe for manufacturing medical oxygen plants using the best quality materials. If you are interested in setting up a medical gas facility plant in Nigeria or any other country, we are considered as the best choice of customers because of the high quality of our machines and competitive prices. If

We are known all over the globe for manufacturing oxygen plant, which is reliable, durable and high performing. We use the latest cutting cryogenic distillation technology in the making of the plant machinery. Since our establishment in 1985, we have been manufacturing and supplying the world-class plant machinery in technical collaboration with a famous Italian