Oxygen is one of the most important gases present in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is vital because all living beings depend for respiration on it for sustaining life. O2 is an odourless, tasteless and colourless gas which has high reactivity meaning it can easily combine with other elements to form compounds. The highly reactive gas is valuable for medical applications for providing life support and oxygen therapy to the patients not able to breathe in adequate level of oxygen. As the vital gas aids combustion, it is also widely used in sustaining wide variety of industrial processes. Industrial devices known as oxygen plant are designed and manufactured for delivering oxygen with high purity. Oxygen plant price is competitive if you buy from the best O2 machinery manufacturers.

Oxygen Plant Budget

Oxygen plant price ranges from Rs 1.85 crore to Rs 2.98 crore for capacities between 50m3/hr and 150m3/hr. The pricing of the O2 plants available from the reputed oxygen plant manufacturer is mostly competitive. These plants are made with cryogenic distillation technology and can generate oxygen with purity up to 99.7%, which is sufficient for medical and industrial applications. Moreover, the cryogenic plants have numerous other advantages as well. It is able to generate both oxygen and nitrogen in liquid and gaseous form. These plants are easy to operate and install with low power consumption.  Materials used in the making of the machinery are of high quality ASME certified.

How to Get Best Price for Oxygen Plant

The most important aspect of oxygen business is to discover a reputed manufacturer known for supplying high quality and reliable products. Negotiating for getting the best oxygen plant price should be done using your persuasion skills. It can easily be done if you know the range of prices common in the industry.

However, it is essential you have got an excellent knowledge about cryogenic distillation technology as well as about the prevailing market trends. This know-how will equip you to better negotiate the best prices. Timing is very important in negotiation as you should go for purchasing when the cyclical trend of the market is down. Under such conditions, you are most likely to get the best deal for yourself.