Oxygen plant is industrial and medical oxygen gas generation equipment which is used for generating oxygen for sustaining manufacturing processes in various industries. Commercially produced oxygen is also used in meeting requirements of hospitals for medical applications. UAE is one of richest countries where a lot of attention is being given to promoting industries. In the next couple of years, we expect industrial activity to pick up a great deal. We manufacture and fabricate oxygen plant for sale in UAE to meet the growing demand for commercially produced oxygen. Businesses now prefer installing onsite plants for producing oxygen for meeting their requirements as compared to getting oxygen supplies through cylinders, which is expensive and prone to logistic delays.

Worldwide famous city Dubai is on the way to become industrial hub of Middle-east region. We are focusing on the city by offering our air separation liquid oxygen plant for sale in Dubai. This famous is trying to promote various industries so that it could wean off its dependence on oil. And, it is succeeding in its endeavors. Businesses from all over the globe are moving their operations to the desert city.

Our company is known all over UAE for manufacturing and supplying high quality liquid oxygen & nitrogen production plants that built with the best and the latest cryogenic distillation technology. Our products like liquid oxygen plant for sale in Sharjah are trusted for its generation of purity of oxygen. The city is making impressive strides in providing great environment for industrial activity.

Abu Dhabi is known as the richest region of UAE because of its oil exports. Now, the city is also making an effort in growing all types of industries. We manufacture and supply oxygen gas plant for sale in Abu Dhabi to meet the requirements of various industrial setups in the city to meet their oxygen needs.

Technical Specification


MODEL CAPACITY IN M3/HOUR NUMBER OF CYLINDERS PER DAY Purity of oxygen produced Pressure of oxygen in cylinders
OXYGEN NITROGEN PLANTS UBP-25 25 100 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-50 50 200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-80 80 300 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-100 100 400 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-150 150 600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-200 200 800 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-300 300 1200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-400 400 1600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-500 500 2000 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-1000 1000 4000 99.7% 150-200 BAR