Medical Oxygen Plant is industrial system which is used for producing oxygen for meeting medical applications. Oxygen is an abundantly occurring element which comprises around 21% of the atmosphere and is highly reactive. It is known to combine with all elements except noble gases to form oxides. It is considered as the 2nd largest industrial gas after nitrogen. It is a scientific fact that all living beings require oxygen for burning food to release energy and heat to accomplish day to day tasks of life. It is used in hospitals for carrying out medical emergency procedures. Hospitals now use medical oxygen generators that generate onsite oxygen for applications in ICUs and surgeries.

 Medical Oxygen Plant Used For The Following Medical Procedures:

  • Provide A Basis For Virtually All Modern Anesthetic  Techniques
  • Restore Tissue Oxygen Tension By Improving Oxygen Availability In A Wide Range Of Conditions Such As COPD, Cyanosis, Shock, Severe Hemorrhage, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Major Trauma, Cardiac/Respiratory Arrest
  • Aid Resuscitation
  • Provide Life Support For Artificially Ventilated Patients
  • Aid Cardiovascular Stability

In the manufacturing and fabricating of the medical oxygen plants, we use the best quality material and the latest cutting-edge technology.  Being the leading oxygen plant manufacturers, we are  one of the select few gas plant engineering companies that use high grade stainless steel in the making of the plant machinery.  We offer oxygen generators in different sizes and capacities ranging from 20m3/hour to 200m3/hour. Designing and fabricating is carried in compliance with international standards. There is no denying that ensures solid designing ensures durability, reliability, efficiency and high performance. We fabricate plant machinery that generates 50% liquid production simultaneously with gas production by adding special chiller. Our hospital medical oxygen generator produce oxygen with purity up to 99.7%, which meets the medical specifications. For more information about Medical Oxygen Plant and Medical Oxygen Generator Price please visit my website.