Oxygen is one of the most important elements both biologically and industrially. Our company is reputed for manufacturing high quality medical oxygen plants that are used in hospital and health care centers for delivering high quality oxygen for human consumption. Manufacturing of our plants is done with the best quality materials. Over a period of over 35 years, we have achieved excellence in all of our engineering processes so much so that we are known as one of the best engineering companies in medical oxygen plant manufacturing. It is possible because we strive to maintain excellence in our field.

In terms of quality, we have instituted the processes for ensuring quality. We have customers all over the globe who will testify to the quality of medical oxygen plants delivered by us. Our after sales service is renowned for the speedy resolution of any issues faces by the customers. Our oxygen plants come in various sizes and capacities ranging from 500m3/hour to 5000m3/hour. We offer assured delivery within the time frame given to you at the time of order place and upfront payment. Upon contacting our sales representative you will be provided with the all the details and steps leading to the delivery installation of the plant machinery at your site.

Our manufacturing is done in compliance with internationally approved practices and norms. All of our medical oxygen plants are fabricated using the best technology enabling the machinery to perform efficiently for a long time. Our oxygen machinery is reputed to last for over 25 years. For our strict compliance with quality, all of our engineering products are CE certified. Our clients are assured that the entire operation from commissioning, installation to starting up is done by our engineers. Even after installation, we will provide assistance if he machinery hits a snag.