We manufacture and fabricate medical oxygen plant for cylinder filling station using the latest cryogenic technology. It is a fact that oxygen is an essential element for maintaining life on the planet. It is but natural that it plays a crucial role in hospitals for treating patients that underwent traumatic accident or are about to undergo surgery. Manufacturing oxygen plant for hospitals requires high level of expertise which must be able to generate high purity medical grade oxygen. Our engineers have got solid expertise in the designing and manufacturing of medical oxygen plant for cylinder filling station. High quality materials are used in the fabricating of the machinery and only highest quality components are used. We ensure that our medical oxygen plants are of international standards, efficient and durable.
Salient features of medical oxygen plant for cylinder filling station

  • Modern cryogenic distillation technology
  • Solid designing
  • Skid-based requiring no foundation
  • Competitively priced
  • Fully automated
  • Low maintenance cost

We manufacture medical oxygen plant for cylinder filling station in different capacities ranging from 100-200 cylinders per day, 400-700 cylinders per day to 800-2400 cylinders per day. Hospital can estimate their requirements and accordingly purchase the medical oxygen plant that meet their daily cylinder filling requirements. Purity generated in our oxygen plant for hospitals is up to 99.99%, which is excellent for medical specifications. Quality of our machinery is endorsed by CE certification which is stamp guaranteeing highest quality. We also manufacture and supply cryogenic storage tanks which are essential for hospital for storing liquid oxygen which they can use as a gas whenever required using vaporizer. Last but not the least, we provide complete assistance in oxygen plant installation and commissioning at the site. Afterwards, we provide responsive after sales service.