Demand for medical oxygen has increased 3-4 times after the coming of COVID-19.  It is but natural that hospitals and health care giving institutions were not able to get the medical oxygen supplies to the tune they required. Medical oxygen vendors struggled to meet the surging demand for oxygen. Obviously, more & more hospitals have either installed or are looking to install medical oxygen generator plant so they could generate as much oxygen as they want. No denying it gives them the freedom from having to worry about oxygen supplies in case there is increase in patients requiring oxygen.

Designed Specifically For Generating High Quality Oxygen

In light of the global pandemic, we have started designing and fabricating medical oxygen generator plant specifically for meeting the requirements of medical oxygen. The plant is designed and fabricated in way that increases purity of oxygen generated in the plant. Oxygen required for medical consumption needs to have high purity in accordance with the medical specifications complying with Indian, UK and US Pharmacopeia. Moreover, it is mandatory to have drug license for producing oxygen for supply to hospitals. It is imperative that oxygen be not less than 99.0 per cent v/v with carbon dioxide not more than 300 ppm.

Based On Cryogenic Distillation Process

Working of the plant machinery is based on the cryogenic processes which was developed during 1930s and has since been updated as per the technology available. Medical oxygen is produced by liquefaction of atmospheric air in the medical oxygen generator plant. The plant machinery is fabricated with the best materials and technology. We are one of the few industrial gas engineering companies that use high-grade stainless steel for fabricating thigh quality machinery.  We are one of the few companies that use argon welding in the fabricating. For compliance with quality standards, we have been awarded with CE certification.