Hospitals require medical oxygen generators for producing oxygen for meeting critical requirements for oxygen in intensive care units and operation theatres. It is vital for sustaining life on the planet earth.  The importance of oxygen cannot be over-emphasized as it is required in the oxidation of food to release energy and heat for accomplishing our day to day tasks of life. It is abundantly found accounting for 21% of the atmosphere. Oxygen has now come to be extensively used in hospital for medical purposes.

Use Of Medical Air In Hospitals

Now, hospitals have started opting for medical oxygen generator plant for producing medical air for various applications in hospitals. And, medical air is made up of 78% Nitrogen and 21% oxygen with small percentages of carbon dioxide, water vapor, argon, hydrogen and numerous other components.   It does no need to be mentioned that it is similar to the air around us which we breathe and is odorless, tasteless and colorless. Hospitals use medical oxygen generator plant for producing medical air and medical oxygen for serving various purposes.  It is used for providing quality air supply to patients who will struggle without the administration of medical air. Neonates and patients suffering adult respiratory depression syndrome require it for their survival.

 How Hospitals Get Their Medical Oxygen Or Air Supplies?

Hospitals install installed medical oxygen plant for generating medical air and oxygen required for meeting their needs. Oxygen and medical air is sent through the hospital piping system sent to intensive care units and operation theatres. Medical air is also administered anesthesia as a substitute for nitrous oxide for minimizing the high concentration of oxygen exposure. Now the hospitals prefer installing onsite medical oxygen plant to getting supplies from cylinder manifold. It is efficient and you never run out of oxygen supplies.