Oxygen is one of the most important gases present in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is vital because all living beings depend for respiration on it for sustaining life. O2 is an odourless, tasteless and colourless gas which has high reactivity meaning it can easily combine with other elements to form compounds. The highly reactive gas

Fabrication of oxygen gas production plant involves specialized manufacturing expertise and complete familiarity with the international standards followed in the oxygen industry. Oxygen gas plant is specialized industrial equipment which is used for generating oxygen with purity up to 99.7%, which is regarded as excellent for industrial and medical applications. There are mainly two types

If you are looking to set up oxygen plant either for industrial or medical purposes, it is but natural that you will go looking for an esteemed Indian oxygen plant manufacturer. It is imperative that you understand the scenario of industrial gas plant manufacturing industry. There are only destinations that fabricate and supply the O2

Oxygen is vital element without which life on the planet Earth is unthinkable. Even though its centrality to the sustenance of life on the planet, we did not realize its value. The advent of global pandemic COVID-19 has made us realize the importance of oxygen. During the 1st and 2nd wave of the spread of

Oxygen is a nonmetallic gas which is important for us not only for its industrial applications but also for its biological necessity —we cannot live without oxygen beyond a couple of minutes.  All living beings need to breathe in oxygen for staying alive. When we breathe air oxygen is absorbed into the blood stream in

Thinking of running oxygen gas business, there is no doubt that it is an amazing option with great potential. It must be understood that the business is lucrative but it capital-intensive. However, if capital is not the constraint then can venture forth and expect superb returns on the business.  Oxygen is used in wide range

Nitrogen is an odorless and colorless gas that comprises around 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. It is used in numerous industrial and medical applications including as an asphyxiant with inerting quality important for suppressing oxidation. We construct our nitrogen manufacturing plant with the high quality materials and components. Our company has always been very particular

Air separation plant is used for generating oxygen and nitrogen for use in industrial and medical applications. Demand for cryogenic air separation plants in South America and UK and USA is increasing because of spurt in industrial activity. This is evident from orders and enquiries we are getting for air separation plant in Brazil, Chile,

Air separation unit is used in wide range of industries for producing nitrogen, oxygen, and argon as gases and/ or liquid products. We are leading manufacturers of air separation oxygen plant because we use advanced cryogenic air separation technology for generating very high purity oxygen and nitrogen. When our customers show interest in purchasing from

Our air separation oxygen plants are used in wide range of industries for generating high purity oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases by using technologies such as adsorption purification, cryogenic distillation and internal compression of high pressure products. We offer air separation plant at best price India. We have become the preferred choice of customers