Thinking of running oxygen gas business, there is no doubt that it is an amazing option with great potential. It must be understood that the business is lucrative but it capital-intensive. However, if capital is not the constraint then can venture forth and expect superb returns on the business.  Oxygen is used in wide range of applications including industrial and medical. Scope for the business is immense because of use of oxygen in so many industries. Numerous benefits of oxygen gas business are described below:

Fewer Competitors

Oxygen gas is used in medical and industrial applications, undeniably huge potential to tap. And, there are few businesses engaged in the business with great demand, especially in developing countries where manufacturing is starting to take off or is at the nascent stage.

Life Saver & Essential For Manufacturing 

Oxygen is a biological necessity for sustaining life and is essential in treating patient suffering from low oxygen. It is also used in intensive care units, surgery and ambulances. It is one source of steady demand which is growing with time. Industrial process in steel, chemical, pharmaceutical and numerous other industries also require use of oxygen.

Long-Lasting Equipment

Another benefit of running oxygen gas business is that equipment is used in the business is long-lasting since a typical oxygen plant has a life-cycle of over 25 years.  Once you have invested in the machinery it is expected to run for decades and would yield you incredible revenue during its life cycle.

Free Raw Materials

One of the best benefits of oxygen business is free availability of raw materials used for your product. Since you will be selling oxygen for both industrial and medical application, it is manufactured from the freely available atmospheric which is cryogenically processed and distilled for commercial and medical specifications.  Nitrogen and oxygen constitute around 99 per cent of atmospheric gases. There is huge potential for the business.