Air separation unit is used in wide range of industries for producing nitrogen, oxygen, and argon as gases and/ or liquid products. We are leading manufacturers of air separation oxygen plant because we use advanced cryogenic air separation technology for generating very high purity oxygen and nitrogen. When our customers show interest in purchasing from us we send them air separation plant cost estimate. Cryogenic distillation technology is trusted in the industry as the most effective way to generate very high oxygen and nitrogen. Industries prefer liquefied industrial gases so oxygen gas plants and nitrogen gas plants cryogenic technology. Being the leading manufacturer of air separation plants, we focus on solid designing and high quality.

Salient features of air separation plants

  • Latest advanced cryogenic technology
  • High purity production of nitrogen and oxygen
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Lasts for over 30 years

Our air separation units come in various sizes and capacities to meet the requirements of small to medium industries. However, the cryogenic air separation process used in the plant machinery would vary as per the number of gases and liquid products to be produced, purity required and delivery pressures. No doubt, nitrogen only production plants are simpler and need less power to operate. On the other hand, oxygen plants making the same of amount of oxygen would need more power. However, producing both oxygen and nitrogen in the air separation unit would cost less. Besides, generating liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen would need addition equipment and doubles the consumption of power as compared to the plant producing gaseous oxygen and nitrogen. Air separation unit cost estimate would depend on whether it is used for producing gaseous oxygen and nitrogen or liquid oxygen and nitrogen. And you can stay assured that we offer the best air separation plant price in the industry.