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Small Oxygen Nitrogen Plants 20 to 50m3/hr capacity

Oxygen Nitrogen Plants    
Small Oxygen Nitrogen Plants
20 to 50m3/hr capacity
Medium Oxygen Nitrogen Plants
60 to 150m3/hr capacity
Large Oxygen Nitrogen Plants
150 to 1000m3/hr capacity
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Range: 20m3/hr to 1000m3/hr
With leakproof stainless steel column and skid mounted version for high purity medical and industrial oxygen.

Description: UB series oxygen/nitrogen plants are used for filling high pressure Oxygen/nitrogen gas in cylinders/bottles by liquid oxygen pump ( oil free & water free) for industrial & medical applications .



1. Simultaneous Production of oxygen & nitrogen gas and liquid.
2. Filling ofs oxygen/nitrogen by liquid oxygen pump. Very Suitable for high purity bone gas & medical.
3. Liquid Tapping.
4. 100% leakproof stainless steel column


A - Oxygen Gas 99.7% at 155(200 opt.) bar for cylinder filling & Nitrogen gas at 0.1 bar.
B - Oxygen Gas 99.7% at 155 bar and Nitrogen gas purity 99.9% (upto 99.99 or RPM opt.) at 155 bar for oxygen & nitrogen cylinder filling.
C - Oxygen Gas 99.7% at 155(200 opt.) bar for cylinder filling & Nitrogen gas at 0.1 bar and liquid oxygen/nitrogen.


1. Both Oxygen & Nitrogen Filling Liquid Pump.
2. Liquid Oxygen & Liquid Nitrogen Tapping Valve.
3. 50% liquid production simultaneously with gas production by adding special chiller.

Technical Specifications of Small Oxygen Nitrogen Plants
 Name of the Models UB - 20 UB - 30 UB - 50
 Capacities (Cubicmeter/hr) 20 30 50
 No. of Cylinders in a Days
60 100 150

Main Equipments

  • Oil Absorber
  • Dust Filter
  • After Cooler
  • Filling Maniflod
  • Moisture Separator
  • Air Separation Column
  • Expansion Engine
  • Liquid Oxygen Pumps
  • Chilling Unit
  • Molecular Sieve Battery
  • Suction Filter
  • Four Stage Air Compressor

Liquid Oxygen Pump

Five Step Boschi Process for Manufacture of oxygen & nitrogen

Step 1 Compression of Atmospheric Air
Step 2 Purification of Air
Step 3 Cooling of Air
Step 4 Separation of Liquid AirInto Oxygen and Nitrogen
Step 5 Compression/Withdrawl and Filling of Oxygen and Nitrogen by latest liquid oxygen pump technology to fill bone dry high purity oxygen in Cylinders.
Now, no need of old type of bulky oxygen compressors, no more break downs, moisture or rusting in cylinders. Thanks to the latest liquid oxygen pump technology

Main Equipment / Machinery for Oxygen Plants And Nitrogen Plants
1. Air Compressor
2. Process Skid
3. Expander
4. Air Searation Unit
5. Liquid Oxygen Pump with Cylinder filling Station


SKID MOUNTED COMPLETE PLANT The small plants upto 50 m3/hr are compact skid mounted

The plant can be supplied complete with LT switch gear and starters for all the motors and electrical equipment, complete with main electrical panel and all accessories like cooling tower, water pump, lines etc. as per our offer, all the equipment from after cooler, cascade cooler to molecular sieve battery is mounted on a skid/platform with all gas lines and water lines, drain manifold so that it is ready and pre-erected for installation at site. You require only cables for the connection of switch and panel/motor, which is very nominal, and details shall be provided to you along with the plant (Wring Diagram).


Our OXYGEN/ NITROGEN plants are highly efficient Expander and trouble free liquid oxygen pump with LIQUIFIER for option to produce Liquid Oxygen / Nitrogen which make the plant work on low-pressure cycle resulting in very high efficiency and low power consumption. The air separation column of "Boschi" design has special stainless steel trays to extract maximum Oxygen from atmospheric air to give maximum yield depending on the purity of gas required by you.

Latest air separation column with control panel and O2 - N2 piping small Only three pipes have to be connected at the site as the yellow pipe you can see is nitrogen gas pipe coming out of the coldbox and all the valves and fittings are fitted at our factory.

Technical Specification
S.No. Model UB-20 UB-30 UB-40 UB-50
1. Capacity: Oxygen
20 CuM/Hr.

30 CuM/Hr.

50 Cum/Hr.

50 Cum/Hr.
Nitrogen 80 CuM/Hr 100 CuM/Hr 150 Cum/Hr 200 Cum/Hr.
2. Purity: Oxygen 99.6% 99.6%
Nitrogen (Optional)
96%-96.6% 96%-96.6% 96%-96.6% 96%-96.6%
3. Power Connected 55 KW 70 KW 80 KW 95 KW
4. Power Consumed (abt.) 40 KW 45 KW 60 KW 70 KW
5. Power Supply 415 Volts 415 Volts 415 Volts 415 Volts
6. Air Capacity 150 Cum/Hr 200 Cum/Hr. 250 Cum/Hr. 300 Cum/Hr.
7. Starting Pressure 60 Kg/sq.cm. 55 Kg/sq.cm. 55 Kg/sq.cm. 55 Kg/sq.cm.
8. Working Pressure (abt) 50 Kg/sq.cm. 40Kg/sq.cm 40Kg/sq.cm 40Kg/sq.cm
9. Starting Time (After Defrost) 8 Hours 8 Hours 7 Hours 7 Hours
10. Starting Time (After Tripping) 40 Mts. 40 Mts. 40 Mts. 40 Mts.
11. Areas Required 6M x 8 M 6 M x 10 M 8 M x 10M 8 M x 12 M
12. Assembly Height 7 M 7 M 7.5 M 7.5 M
13. Weight (About) 14 Tons 16 Tons 18 Tons 19 Tons
14. Air Separation Column Type-Boschi Type-Boschi Type-Boschi Type-Boschi
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